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Translatable URL

Extension available here Features Translate frontname routes handled by the standard router for each store viewsExamples:/customer/account/create -> /client/compte/creer in french store view/customer/account/create -> /cliente/cuenta/crear in spanish store view/customer/account/create -> /kunde/konto/erstellen in german store view Easy translation using translation files… Continue Reading →

Cache types source

Magento2 DevDocs available here Configuration Magento collects configuration from all modules, merges it, and saves the merged result to the cache. This cache also contains store-specific settings stored in the file system and database. Clean or flush this cache type… Continue Reading →

Create custom product sorting on catalog pages

Demo extension available here Default product sorting list Magento has 4 default sorting options: Name, Price, Position and Relevance. Sorting are product attributes, except for “position” in catalog pages and “relevance” in search pages You can add new product… Continue Reading →

Translations loading order

Translations fallback mechanism, by highest priority 1- Database Translations are saved in translation table. They are added using Inline translation feature or can be added manually.Magento will load translations for the current locale 2- Themes Translations are located in app/design/i18n… Continue Reading →

Configuration values loading order

Source configuration values fallback mechanism, by highest priority environment variables (Magento Cloud) app/etc/env.php app/etc/config.php core_config_data database table config.xml module files Configuration values fallback mechanism, by highest priority Store view Website Default System Config values are fully loaded from each sources… Continue Reading →

Setup:upgrade step by step

I often hear/read that when getting issue with Magento 2 there is a magic solution, running setup:upgrade command. Probably that this command solves many troubles you can get, but how ? What’s inside that could lead to solve your issue… Continue Reading →

Sharing the same order sequence value/increment id between store views

By default order incement ids are specific to store views, but sometimes you might want to share the order number no matter on which store orders have been made. You just need to have an incremental number with no distinctions…. Continue Reading →

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